Rapunzel Models and Urban Hair Photography SCAMS

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Clicking on the icon above will take you to one discussion about Paul, Kate, and their business. Clicking on this text will take you to another discussion. I can not say everything that is posted is true, but I would strongly suggest that anyone that is considering working with Paul, Kate, Rapunzel Models, Urban Hair Photography, or any of the other business names they may have used in the past or may use in the future be very CAUTIOUS and make sure that everything in regard to any shoot is provided in writing BEFORE the shoot. Legit photographers and businesses will not have a problem providing a contract or legal release. They will not have a problem providing several references. They will not have a problem providing valid phone numbers, email addresses, and business addresses.


Rapunzel Models & Urban Hair Photography appear to be scams!  



Due to attempts by an unknown person(s) to use some of the data that I have posted at this site in the past to mislead people I have removed several of the links. Please either leave your comments at this site or send it to the email address at this link. Messages left at this site will be checked at least once a week. Those sent to the email address will be checked at least once every two weeks. Please put "HAIR MODELING SCAM" as the subject to any messages you send to the email address. NOTE: Urban Hair Photography has been removed from Model Mayhem due to the fact that they were posting unauthorized images and claiming they belonged to Urban Hair Photography.