"Many Americans today want quick fixes and have very short memories.  They want the best highways in the World, the best schools, the best health care, all of the latest "toys" that they really do not need, and the freedom to do anything they desire as long as it is something they believe is best for the rest of the country.  What others believe mean very little to them.  They say race does not matter, but are some of the first to tell raciest jokes.  They love the stupidity of reality TV and have no use for the truth unless it happens to be something they agree.  They are willing to pay out money they do not have to attend sporting events of all types or get their children involved in the most expensive and elite sports camps whether their child is is interested or not, and they praise highly paid professional football and basketball players, but have very little use for those that actually contribute to the betterment of our society and country.  They complain about war, but do little to stop it.  They complain about loosing jobs overseas, but quickly take advantage of every foreign made product even if it does not even save them much money.  They complain about elected officials, but resort to mob type actions blindly following radical radio talk show extremists rather than looking at the whole picture and working to make positive changes.  Yes, they want everything!  However, they want all of this without taxes or any type of government monitoring!  They believe everything they see on the internet - as long as it is something they want to believe, and they pass it on as fact.  They are very good at complaining, but not as good at actually solving problems.  An interesting group - this group of Americans!"  


----   Author UNKNOWN