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The Border Queen

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Why is Caldwell, Kansas sometimes refered to as THE BORDER QUEEN and what was THE CHEROKEE STRIP! What did Caldwell have to do with THE CHISHOLM TRAIL! Read on, follow some of the links, and do a little research on your own and you might be able to answer these and many other questions about Caldwell, Kansas.

Since 1986 Caldwell, Kansas has been known around the world as "The Ornate Box Turtle Capital of the World" by thousands of people. However, Caldwell's history before 1986 is just as exciting! Watch this location for information on why Caldwell, Kansas is also know as "The Border Queen" and learn about the towns colorful history. New photos and new links will be added from time to time.

Cherokee Strip Museum in Caldwell

Caldwell as of this writing (June 2004) has two museums dealing with its early history. The one at the left is located in an old bank building on Main Street. It is at the corner of where US highway 81 enters Caldwell from the east and turns south toward Oklahoma.

The photos below are of exhibits found in this museum.

Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen

Caldwell, Kansas

caldwell museum






Several very good books about early Caldwell, Kansas are available at the museum and also at other locations in Caldwell. A few can be ordered from Amazon.com and other online book stores.

One of the last to be published, GEORGE AND MAGGIE AND THE RED LIGHT SALOON by Rod Cook, is a nonfiction account of life in and around Caldwell during the 1870's and 80's. It was published 2003.
Search for the ISBN below using Google to find out more about this book.

ISBN: 0-595-29407-3

Click here to read the Border Queen historical sign.

Cherokee Strip, Cherokee Strip, Cherokee Strip, Cherokee Strip

Click here to learn about the Cherokee Strip and read more about Caldwell and Sumner County by following the links.


Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen, Border Queen

Click on the Caldwell, Kansas link below to go to Mr. Miller's main Caldwell, Kansas page and learn more about the Ornate Box Turtle and how it became the official state reptile of Kansas.

Caldwell, Kansas 67022


Click on the "Earth Day 2004" link below to see how some people celebrated Earth Day in Caldwell, Kansas during April 2004.

Earth Day 2004

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