Discover Wakarusa and the Wakarusa Valley of Northeast Kansas

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Larry & Suzanne Miller's Home near Wakarusa, KS
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Wakarusa, Kansas is located in the beautiful Wakarusa Valley of northeastern Kansas. The town of Wakarusa is in the southern part of Shawnee County, and Wakarusa is about seven miles south of the Topeka city limits.

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Halley and Comet guard the property from
unwanted visitors such as this opossum that tried to steal their supper!

The Larry & Suzanne Miller residence (above) located just to the northeast of Wakarusa as photographed from a helicopter during the summer of 2001. Suzanne is playing in the yard with one of two Golden Retrievers that live with the Miller's. Their names are Halley and Comet.

The photo below was taken during the summer of 2004.

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