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Mr. Miller: Then and Now!

Some of the people in the photo below are: Arrahwannah Moreland, Kay Moreland, Johnny Gillispie, Doris Gillispie, Willie Gillispie, Larry Miller (Mr. Miller), and their teacher. The photo was taken on Halloween during Mr. Miller's first grade year at White Horn School.

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Photo taken in front of White Horn School.

White Horn School was a one room school that was located in Sumner County, Kansas. It was located three miles east of the intersection of US Highway 166 and US Highway 81 and two miles north on the west side of the road. The last year for the school was the 1956-57 school year.

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Photo of Mr. Miller at 10 months of age.
Taken on the family farm on 11 September 1949.

Larry L. Miller (Mr. Miller) grew up on a small wheat and cattle farm located in Sumner County, Kansas. He attended a one room school located west of Portland, Kansas for two years and then attended South Haven, Kansas Public Schools until his Junior year. He transfered to Wellington, Kansas Senior High School for his Junior and Senior years and graduated from WHS in 1967. Mr. Miller attended Southwestern College located in Winfield, Kansas where he graduated with a degree in education in 1971. Some of his favorite classes at Southwestern were the science and math education classes taught by Mr. Edward P. Foster. Mr. Miller traveled with Mr. Foster and a number of other S.C. students to Florida on an aerospace field trip in 1969. Since graduating from S.C. Mr. Miller has taken a variety of classes from several Kansas and Oklahoma colleges and universities.

Mr. Miller taught elementary classes at Caldwell Elementary School located in Caldwell, Kansas from 1971 till 1990. He accepted a science teaching position for grades 1-8 at Topeka Collegiate School in 1991. He later taught all middle school (grades 6-8) science classes at TCS until he resigned his position at Topeka Collegiate in 2001.

Mr. Miller is now employed by the Seaman School District (USD 345), and he is one of the 9th grade science instructors at Northern Hills Junior High School. Mr. Miller's true love for science dates back to his 9th grade science class in South Haven, Kansas. His instructor that year, Mr. Dick Dale, made science fun with lots of experiments, interesting stories, and demonstrations. Mr. Miller hopes to do the same for the students at Northern Hills.


One of the photos below was taken during one of Mr. Miller's science classes in 1973, and one of the photos was taken of Mr. Miller in the year 2000. Can you tell which is which?

Mr. Miller in classroom (1973)

Mr. Miller with Bullsnake

Hint: The Bullsnake was born in
about 1989.


The article below was taken from the Spring/Summer, 2000 Vol. 3, Issue 1 COLLEGIATE LIFE which is a publication of Topeka Collegiate School. More information about Topeka Collegiate School can be obtained by contacting the school at 785-228-0490.

Larry L. Miller Receives EPA Award (NEWS RELEASE)

Topeka Collegiate is an independent school located at 2200 S.W. Eveningside Drive in Topeka, Kansas. Mr. Miller taught science at Topeka Collegiage from 1991-2001. Mr. Miller is no longer associated with Topeka Collegiate School. He is now teaching freshman biology at Northern Hills Junior High School located in the Seaman School District.

Larry L. Miller

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SC Educator Hall of Fame