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Chikaskia River

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Following you will find a variety of photos relating to the Chikaskia River. The Chikaskia flows from southern Kansas into Northern Oklahoma just south of Drury, Kansas.

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Many of the photos were taken during some of the ten Chikaskia River Wildlife Studies that were held from 1977 to 1986. The events were organized by Larry Miller (Caldwell, Kansas), Gene Trott (Hunnewell, Kansas), and Marty Capron (Oxford, Kansas) in an effort to better educate the public about the Chikaskia ecosystem and our environent in general.

The ten Chikaskia River Wildlife Studies brought together a diversity of people from wildlife organiztions, universities, educational groups, and environmental organizations. Several hundred people attended during the ten year period.

Most of the activities were held on private land. The success of the Chikaskia River Wildlife Studies would not have been possible without the cooperation of several land owners

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Sixth grade students from Larry Miller's class at Caldwell Elementary School often helped with the annual Chikaskia River Wildlife Studies. Other organizations that helped on a regular basis included the Kansas Herpetological Society, the Kansas Association of Teachers of Science, and the Kansas Association of Biology Teachers.

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Did you ever attend a Chikaskia River Wildlife Study? If so, please consider signing the guest book. It is found at the bottom of the home page.

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