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A few images of KHS members and friends from the mid 1970's to the mid 1980s are featured below. Most photographs were taken by Larry L. Miller. Most of the original slides and prints were scanned by Suzanne L. Collins. Please email Larry L. Miller if you find yourself featured on this page. Check back often for additions and other updates.

This page will probably always be under construction since thousands of KHS related images have been taken over the years. Please email any comments and/or corrections to Larry L. Miller by clicking on the link below.

Email Larry L. Miller

Social Time
Social at 1977 SSAR meetings in Lawrence, KS

Melissa B.
Melissa and friend during the summer of 1977

Kingman County, KS
KHS field trip to Kingman County, KS during spring 1975

KHS field trip
KHS members meet near Chetopa, KS to search for a Cottnmouth

Mexico border
Janice & Kelly enter Mexico during June 1978

Early Herpetology
Mr. Miller teaching herpetology to a group of future herpetologists in Caldwell, KS (mid 1970's)

Kelly and Janice
Kelly & Janice with coachwhip in S.W. Texas during June 1978

Jim K.
SSAR social in Lawrence, Kansas during the summer of 1977

J.T.C. (Tom) photographs a lizard during spring 1975 KHS field trip

Margorie from Braman, OK checks out a Kansas Bullsnake (Late 1970's photo)

June 1978
KHS members search for the "Hooker Horney Toads" In Hooker, OK!

Gene and his son Toby during March 1976 KHS field trip in Cowley County, KS

Rose Etta
Rose Etta at KU Museum of Nat. Hist. during late 1970's

KHS members
Five KHS members during March 1976 field trip

Larry with Bullsnake at his Caldwell home (mid 1970's)

Delfi M.
Delfi displays large toad at SSAR meetings in Lawrence during 1977

Strange Plant!
Janice & Kelly find "strange" plant while on KHS field trip

KHS 1978
KHS annual meeting in Caldwell, KS (Nov. 1978) NOTE DERAILED TRAIN BEHIND THE GROUP

Marty in Lawrence
Marty and friend at Shelley's house in Lawrence (Date unrecorded)

Marty C.
Marty on safari in Cowley County, KS during late March 1978

Lizard photo session
A photo session at the spring 1975 KHS field trip in Kingman County, KS

Shelley with friend at Drury Park along Chikaskia River near Caldwell, KS