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A New Mexico Adventure (August 1999)

Between 1997 and 1999 Mr. Miller made six trips to the Clayton, New Mexico area to explore and photograph the area. Elementary, junior high, and high school students along with educators from the Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas area assisted during several of the trips. 

The group sometimes camped at Clayton Lake State Park, but at times stayed at motels in Clayton. During their stay in the Clayton area they always looked forward to the times they made it to town for breakfast at the Hi-Ho Cafe and those very special evening meals at the Eklund. A tour and cookout at the Hip-O Ranch was the highlight of one of their first trips to the area.

Mr. Miller was last in the Clayton area during August of 1999. At that time he and three students were invited to assist Joseph T. Collins and his wife Suzanne with a major survey of the amphibians, reptiles, and turtles of the area. The photos on this page were taken during that visit.

Please note that there are links at the bottom of this page to both the Clayton Chamber of Commerce and the Clayton Lake State Park. Some of the photographs are links to sites related to the photos too.

Those visiting this site that traveled to the Clayton area with Mr. Miller between 1997 and 1999 are encouraged to sign the guest book at the bottom of the HOME page. Also, anyone from Clayton that visits this site is also encouraged to sign the guest book. Mr. Miller has many fond memories of Clayton and its friendly citizens.

The research group that spent a week conducting
research in the Clayton, NM area during August 1999

Research organizers Joseph T. & Suzanne L. Collins

Clicking on this text will take you to a pdf file of the article covering the complete research of the amphibians, reptiles, and turtles of the grasslands of northeastern New Mexico, the western panhandle of Oklahoma, and the northern pandhandle of Texas. It can be downloaded free thanks to the Center for North American Herpetology.

Mr. Miller would like to thank Joe and Suzanne Collins of the CENTER FOR NORTH AMERICAN HERPETOLOGY for allowing him and his students to be a part of the extensive research of the amphibians, reptiles, and turtles found near Clayton, New Mexcico.

NOTE that clicking on the photo of Joe and Suzanne will take you to the website for the CENTER FOR NORTH AMERICAN HERPETOLOGY.

Larry L. Miller, photographer

Sarah & Stephanie, Topeka High School students
team up to turn a large flat rock in search of interesting critters.

Bullsnakes were sometimes discovered hiding under
large flat rocks and also at times crossing the rural roads of Union County.

Emily searches for Tiger Salamanders at one of the
research sites in Union County, New Mexico.

Tiger Salamanders were often observed at night
as they crossed the roads of Union County, NM.

Windmills provide water for livestock and also
help create excellent habitat for a variety of wildlife.

Stephanie moves an adult Western Rattlesnake off
the roadway. Rattlesnakes were one of the most common animals observed.

This adult Western Rattlesnake was found at night
and may have been searching for a Kangaroo Rat for its evening meal!

Kangaroo Rats were often observed at night.
Sarah and Stephanie work together to capture a specimen.

The group made Clayton, NM their base camp during
their August 1999 adventure. The Eklund was one of their favorite palces to eat.

Sarah, Stephanie, and Emily pose for a picture one
afternoon while exploring downtown Clayton, NM.

Calyton, New Mexico located in Union County, New Mexico.

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Click here to go to the NORTHERN HILLS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL biology website. This website features freshman biology students in the classroom and on field trips. It also features a variety of excellent links to research sites.

Clayton, New Mexico - Clayton, New Mexico - Clayton, New Mexico - Clayton, New Mexico - Clayton, New Mexico - Clayton, New Mexico - NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM, NM,NM, NM, NM, NM, NM - Union County, Union County, Union County, Union County - - Clayton, New Mexico is located in the northeaster part of the state in Union County, New Mexico.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Larry L. Miller of Wakarusa, Kansas (KANSAS HERITAGE PHOTOGRAPHY) & his students.

Larry L. Miller is a biology teacher at Northern Hills Junior High School in Shawnee County, Kansas.