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Earth Day 2004

Caldwell, Kansas - Caldwell, Kansas - Caldwell, Kansas - Caldwell, Kansas - Caldwell, Kansas - Caldwell, Kansas

NHJH student with a famous Kansas icon, an Ornate Box Turtle.

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A Biology Field Trip to Caldwell, Kansas

Photographs taken on 22, 23, and 24 April 2004 by Northern Hills Junior High School students and staff. Photographs may not be used without permission. Contact Larry L. Miller at KansasPhoto@metacrawler.com to obtain permission to use the photographs.

Student with snake
Everyone found at least one snake during the field trip.

bag of snakes
Snakes and lizards were collected by the bag full!

Larry L. Miller talks about some of the animals.
Students and adults identify and count some of the animals collected.

Most of the animals collected are returned to the wild after being identified and counted.

The Giant Desert Centipede is common around Caldwell, KS.

Students look for frogs
Two Caldwell elementary students search for amphibians after a heavy rain.

Bilology students from Northern Hills Junior High School in Topeka, Kansas traveled to the Caldwell, Kansas area to celebrate Earth Day 2004. They and their teachers joined several students, parents, and grandparents from the Caldwell area to conduct the 28th annual amphibian, reptile, and turtle survey of the area. They discovered 22 different species of amphibians, reptiles, and turtles. They also discovered many other interesting forms of wildlife. This page contains a few photos documenting their educational adventure.

Wildflowers were abundant along the rocky hillsides of the Caldwell, KS area duirng April 2004.

NHJH group catch critters
NHJH students and adults worked together to collect critters.

Turning a rock looking for an animal
Often specimens were discovered under rocks.

Some large rocks required several people working together to lift.

Taking notes
NHJH students were required to keep detailed field notes.

Caldwell group
Caldwell students and adults pose for a quick photo while collecting.

Hand full of lizards
The weather was quite cool and lizards were slow and easy to catch!

Click on the Herpetology link at the top of this page to find out how you can become a member of The Kansas Herpetological Society.

NHJH group
The 14 freshman biology students from Northern Hills Junior High School.

It rained several inches while the NHJH group was in the Caldwell, KS area.

Studetns in mud
There was a lot of mud after heavy rains around Caldwell!

Reading about the natural wonders of Kansas while visiting Caldwell, KS.

Sumner County Fair Building
The NHJH group camped at the Sumner County Fair Building in Caldwell, KS.

Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail - Chisholm Trail

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The land around Caldwell, like most land in Kansas, is private land. It is a violation of the law to tresspass on any private land. Permission from the owner of the land must be obtained to hunt, fish, trap, hike, do biological research, or enter the property.

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Learn more about the Caldwell, Kansas area by going to the Caldwell, Kansas link at the top of this page or searching for the phrase "Ornate Box Turtle Capital of the World" using Google. Information about other wildlife related educational projects can be found by going to the Chikaskia River link a the top of the page or checking out some of the many links from the "Home" link at the top of this page. The Outdoor Classroom link has many excellent references that can be helpful to students, teachers, and others interested in our natural world.

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Larry L. Miller
15 May 2004

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