Data from the 30th Annual Survey of Amphibians, Reptiles, and Turtles of southern Sumner County, KS

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Species confirmed are listed below along with the number of individuals collected and/or confirmed with 100% certainty.

All specimens were encountered between noon on 11 May 2006 and noon on 13 May 2006. They were encountered in an area bordered on the east by the Kansas Turnpike, on the west by the Harper County line, and no farther north than three miles north of the Oklahoma state line.

The collecting group consisted of 16 students and teachers from the Seaman School District (USD #345) located in Shawnee County, Kansas and an undetermined (30-40 est.) number of students and adults from the Caldwell, Kansas area along with a few guests from as far away as Alabama. Rock turning was the main method of collection. However, searching stream and river banks and driving country roads was also used at times.

Southern Sumner County, Kansas
30th Annual Herpetological Survey
11-13 May 2006


Great Plains Toad 01
Northern Cricket Frog 17
Spotted Chorus Frog 04
Plains Leopard Frog 04
Bullfrog 03
Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad 09



Common Snapping Turtle 01
Northern Painted Turtle 05
Ornate Box Turtle 03
Slider 01
Spiny Softshell 02



Lesser Earless Lizard 34
Texas Horned Lizard 04
Prairie Lizard 11
Five-lined Skink 01
Southern Prairie Skink 27
Six-lined Racerunner 73
Ringneck Snake 61
Eastern Racer 01
Prairie Kingsnake 01
Common Kingsnake 01
Coachwhip 01
Ground Snake 25
Plains Blackhead Snake 02
Plainbelly Water Snake 02
Diamondback Water Snake 01
Northern Water Snake 06
Common Garter Snake 01
Lined Snake 02

A total of 304 individual amphibians, turtles, and reptiles representing 29 species were either observed up close and/or collected during the 30th Annual Herpetological Survey of Southern Sumner County, Kansas. Animals that could not be identified with 100% certainty have not been included in the above totals. This includes a number of small tadpoles and several snakes and lizards that were not actually collected.

Common names used are from the Third (Revised) Edition of A CHECKLIST OF THE VERTEBRATE ANIMALS OF KANSAS by George D. Potts and Joseph T. Collins published in March 2005.

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